Privacy Policy

We are crimsoune club and we come from the house of Mangla apparels pvt. Ltd. We understand the importance of your privacy and respect the trust that you have in us.

This document will guide you through the information collected, uses and disclosure of this information by us.

By using the services we provide through, you agree to the terms and conditions of the policy and agree on the use of your data by us. We sincerely request you to refrain from using the services of if you disagree to our privacy policy and the terms and conditions herewith.

We encourage you to contact us on for any feedback, queries, comments or suggestions that you may have so that we could improve the services of . We would get in touch with you as soon as possible with a revert to your communication.

Updating of the policy

We regularly update our privacy policy based on industry practices and the business / legal requirements. Hence the changes would reflect on at any time without giving any notice. We request you to review the policy from time to time to be appraised on the changes, if any.

How information is collected

This privacy policy briefs you on how information is collected on, the information is broadly classified as 1) Personal Information 2) Non – personal information. There are some fields in that are classified as “mandatory” (marked by “*”) or “voluntary” (these are field that may not be filled in by you).

“Personal information” is defined as the data collected to identify a specific user/person. Personal information shall include, but not limited to, information regarding your name, address, email id, gender, contact details etc. This information is provided by you when you sign-up and/or use the services of including but not limited to surveys, online contests, online purchase, reviews, social media or while communicating with our customer care support via mail or phone.

By doing so you grant us permission for using your information for brand promotion and all related activities across all brands and services of Mangla apparels pvt. ltd.. As a policy we do not share this information with any third party vendors or any unauthorized entity or person however we indemnify ourselves from any data theft /cyber crime that could potentially happen in spite of we taking the utmost care of data protection defined in the section below.

We don’t ask for any important financial authentication like CVV, VISA verified/master secure passwords unless through legitimate and authenticated payment gateways.

How this information is used

Based on your visits to or across brands and services of Mangla apparels pvt. ltd., we get data that is broadly categorized as 1) System information (like type of browser, connection speed, IP address of your server, Operating system of your device, duration of your visit, time and date etc.) and 2) Personal Information (like your interests, your browsing activities, purchase history, sites visited, etc.). All this data is stored on our servers for us to give you a more customized and preferential user experience. This information is used to understand the behavior, trend and type of users which helps us in making changes to the website for the superior user experience. All this information will only be used by authorized agencies and personnel over secured data sharing and using channels and methods.

The sole purpose of collecting all this information and not limited to:-

  • To improve the usability, assisted sales section, advertising and content in order to make it more efficient for the users.
  • To provide customized services to you based on your personal choices and taste.
  • To improve the efficiency of the digital assets.
  • To provide you information regarding the website, change in the policies or terms and conditions.
  • To study consumer preferences, buying habits, influences, etc.
  • To conduct various data analysis and internal reviews for the website.
  • To provide you with latest in fashion, trends, lifestyle news, etc.
  • To provide excellent consumer / customer service.
  • To give information to the legal agencies, to respond to any judicial process or in connection with investigations related to public safety, permissible by law.
  • To make delivery of the product.

Protection of your privacy is very important to us, hence we do not sell or trade any information except specified above or with your consent.

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information as required by law and when we believe that disclosure of information is necessary to protect our rights or to comply with judicial process, investigation by law enforcement agencies.

Security and protection

It is our priority to ensure the security and protection of the personal information and to protect your information from unauthorized access, accidental loss, destruction of your information or alteration. To serve this purpose, we have ensured appropriate technical and security measures. While collecting information we use secured channels, servers with firewall to make sure there is no breach of security. We also use Secure Socket layer (SSl) coding while collecting the payment electronically through certified and guaranteed payment gateways. Though all the above measures have been our priority, you indemnify us from any loss of information, leakage of information, information theft or unauthorized use of the information provided by you.


Cookies are the tiny text file which identifies a unique user on our server. When you visit a website and its pages then it gets saved on the user’s computer. Cookies contain data like IP address etc for your convenience. Cookies are completely free from viruses and do not contain any private or personal information about you. There is always an option to block cookies while using the website but blocking cookies will restrict you to completely use all the features of the website.

What and why Links to third party sites:

  • We may use third party to deliver the products to you and we will pass on necessary details for this service.
  • We may use third party to help us in data analytics and improving user interface or customer service.
  • We may use third party to collect payment for us and for that we might have to give certain information.

Additional Information

  • You can always opt-in or opt-out of our daily/weekly mailers or marketing communications. We give a link to subscribe/unsubscribe from a certain mailer or any marketing material.
  • Giving personal information is all up to you, However you may not be able to enjoy all the features/services of the website.
  • All legal disputed will be handled by Delhi courts.
  • In Accordance with the Information Act 2000 and the rule made there under, the name and contact details of the grievance officer are given below :
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